This is a great time of year to take someone new to fishing and show them the ropes. Fall-run salmon in the Central Valley rivers, striped bass in the Delta, tuna and yellowtail off the coast of Southern California, and trout fishing in the Sierra are all great bets for summer fishing in California. Get out on the water, take a friend or family member with you and enjoy the outdoors.


Mark Your Calendar - FREE Fishing Day is Saturday, Sept. 1

Don't miss out on CDFW's final day of the year for free fishing! First time casting a line? This is a great opportunity to use that beginner's luck and enjoy one of California's most popular sports. If you're an expert angler, take that first-timer out with you. Nothing beats the excitement of that tug on the line and reeling in a hard-earned catch. More Info

Fishing in the City

In an effort to recruit new anglers, CDFW holds several family friendly, free fishing workshops up and down the state. Fishing in the City clinics give city dwellers an opportunity to learn how to fish, while staying close to home. The workshops teach participants about fish species, fishing techniques, conservation and angler ethics. Many clinics are scheduled for this summer. Find one near you and go enjoy a day of fishing with your family! More Info

Snapshot: Saltwater State Record Catches for 2017

In 2017, four saltwater anglers and three spear fishermen became new state record holders after hauling in some exceptional fish. More Info

CDFW Fish Truck Tracker

CDFW's efforts to raise and plant millions of trout each year for the enjoyment of anglers can be enjoyed firsthand this month. To view trout planting schedules, visit the fish planting website. The fish planting schedule is updated in real time by CDFW hatchery staff. Fish Planting Schedule

Interested in a Career as a Wildlife Officer? Now's the Time to Apply!

Do you have a love of the outdoors and a passion for fish and wildlife conservation? The CDFW Law Enforcement Division is currently accepting applications for wildlife officer cadets. Applicants must fill out a warden cadet application by Sept. 30, 2018. All prospective candidates are encouraged to review informational materials on the LED website. More Info