New to Fishing? You're Invited to Learn with Us!

CDFW's California Fishing Passport program would like to help more men, women and children learn how to fish. The program is offering free ocean fishing workshops that will teach new anglers about California's many ocean fish species, the environment they live in and how to fish for them. The next workshops are being offered in July and August. More Info





Quarantine of Sport-Harvested Mussels

The California Department of Public Health recently announced the annual quarantine of sport-harvested mussels gathered along the California coast. The quarantine applies to all species of mussels that are recreationally harvested along the California coast, including all bays and estuaries. The quarantine is in place to protect the public against poisoning that can lead to serious illness.   More Info



Be 'Bear Aware' this Spring and Summer

As spring and summer beckon people outdoors, California's black bears are also active after a long winter hibernation. CDFW encourages citizens to help reduce nuisance encounters with this iconic mammal by being "bear aware," which means taking responsible actions that promote responsible behavior while living and recreating in bear country. More Info




CDFW Fish Truck Tracker

CDFW raises and plants millions of trout each year for the enjoyment of anglers. To view trout planting schedules, visit the fish planting website. The fish planting schedule is updated in real time, directly by CDFW hatchery staff. Fish Planting Schedule