Eagle Lake Update…April 27, 2017

A great photo has been posted by Mike Arnold, a picture that most folks thought would take years to happen.  Enough water has entered the lake in the Spring of 2017 to enable visitors to Spalding to launch their boats at the ramp.  Skeptics in the past few years were convinced it would take a long time for this to happen, but it did, in one year.  Mother Nature prevailed!


Photos of rushing water in Pine Creek and rising water levels in the lake have been keeping folks fascinated.  Egg-taking of thousands of eggs took place at the facility.   Docks have been re-installed on the shoreline.  Things are looking good!

Launching will be even more efficient this year, thanks to the efforts of Project Eagle Lake Trout, California Inland Fisheries Foundation and Spalding Community Services.  A 53-foot wide, 12-foot extension to the ramp was completed during the low water period and will enable anglers to launch without experiencing hazardous conditions. 

Things are indeed looking good!  TWO events scheduled for PELT fundraising this year will need lots of help…with things so positive at the lake, this becomes particularly important.  It is anticipated that response and support will be better than ever, so big crowds are likely.  Volunteers are welcomed, plus friends/family of volunteers are invited!  Tell your friends!

Dates are:  Saturday, July 1 – Traditional July 4th “Red White & Blue” Annual Independence Day Celebration.

Saturday, September 2 – Eighth Annual Fall Fundraising Festival.

Both events take place at the Eagle Lake RV Park & Store, Spalding, providing fun-filled family weekends with plenty of kids, wives, bikes, ATVs, motorhomes, trailers & dogs!  There’s the usual raffles, kids raffles, horseshoes, music, games, great food and more.

This is going to be a great year at Eagle Lake…plan to be a part of the fun!

Garry Erck – CIFFI President