Cool Weather Opens Up New Fishing Opportunities...The days are getting shorter - and cooler - which means many closer-to-home freshwater fishing options are opening up. Urban and suburban lakes are receiving trout plants. Turnover at lower elevation lakes brings cold water fish back to the surface and into the mix. Saltwater choices include offshore tuna, rockfish, spiny lobster and Dungeness crab.  Get Your 2017 Sport Fishing License


Recreational Dungeness Crab Season Opened Nov. 4 
Is there anything more quintessentially Californian than Dungeness crab for the holidays? California’s recreational crabbers once again have the opportunity to be the heroes of their holiday parties and family get-togethers by sharing their freshly caught Dungeness crab. Anglers are limited to 10 crabs a day and minimum size requirements apply.

PLEASE NOTE: The California Department of Public Health issued an advisory warning crabbers to avoid consuming the viscera of Dungeness crab caught along parts of the north coast.  More Information

CDFW Receives Conservation Achievement Award for Saving Wild Trout, Salmon during Drought
We're proud to share that CDFW has won the Western Division American Fisheries Society's 2017 Conservation Achievement Award for the incredible work of our hatchery staff, scientists and biologists from our Fisheries Branch and Regions in saving several unique populations of trout and salmon during California's prolonged and unprecedented drought.

The American Fisheries Society specifically acknowledged CDFW's efforts with regard to the following species: southern Oregon-northern California coast coho salmon; McCloud River redband trout; California Central Valley steelhead; Sacramento perch; unarmored threespine stickleback; California golden trout; and landlocked Southern California steelhead. The McCloud River redband trout rescue and return highlighted in the video link below is but one example of the extraordinary commitment and dedication of our employees to minimize effects of the drought on California's wild fish populations.

McCloud Rie Redband Rescue and Recovery

California Department of Public Health Issues Warning to Recreational Lobster Anglers
State officials closed then later partially reopened a portion of the commercial spiny lobster fishery near Anacapa Island in Ventura County and the east end of Santa Cruz Island in Santa Barbara County due to health concerns and high levels of domoic acid in the lobsters. While the recreational fishing season for spiny lobsters remains open statewide, state health officials have issued a warning to recreational anglers not to eat the viscera (tomalley) of spiny lobsters. 
More Information

CDFW Fish Truck Tracker
You can enjoy firsthand CDFW's efforts to raise and stock millions of trout each year for recreational angling. Check out the fish planting schedule website, which is updated in real time by CDFW hatchery staff, and plan your next trip. Fish Planting Schedule