Get Outdoors This Month

This is a great time of year to pick up a fishing rod and enjoy California's Wild places. Get out on the water, take a friend or family member with you and enjoy the outdoors.


California Spiny Lobster Recreational Season Opens Statewide

The California spiny lobster recreational season opens at 6 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 29. California spiny lobster is a highly sought-after target of both California's recreational and commercial fisheries. A valid California fishing license and a spiny lobster report card are required when fishing for lobsters. A summary of the new recreational lobster fishing regulations associated with the California Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan can be found on the CDFW website. More Info

$27.8 Million for Ecosystem and Watershed Restoration Projects

CDFW recently announced the selection of 24 projects to receive funding from its Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Prop. 1) Restoration Grant Programs. The 2018 solicitation included a specific focus on large-scale wildfire response and Central Valley salmon resilience and recovery. More Info

Featured Scientist: Alaina Conrad

Alaina Conrad is a Fish and Wildlife Scientific Aid in CDFW's Marine Region. Based in San Diego, she works on the California Recreational Fisheries Survey (CRFS). The CRFS is a coordinated sampling survey designed to gather catch and effort data from anglers in all modes of marine recreational finfish fishing. Alaina is one of about 70 CRFS samplers statewide. She collects data on angler activities, including recreational fishing boats, man-made fishing structures (piers and jetties), and beaches and banks along the California coast. These data are used to estimate total marine recreational finfish catch and effort in California. More Info

CDFW Fish Truck Tracker

CDFW's efforts to raise and plant millions of trout each year for the enjoyment of anglers can be enjoyed firsthand this month. To view trout planting schedules, visit the fish planting website. The fish planting schedule is updated in real time by CDFW hatchery staff. Fish Planting Schedule

Interested in a Career as a Wildlife Officer? Now's the Time to Apply!

Do you have a love of the outdoors and a passion for fish and wildlife conservation? The CDFW Law Enforcement Division (LED) is currently accepting applications for wildlife officer cadets. Applicants must fill out a warden cadet application by Sept. 30, 2018. All prospective candidates are encouraged to review informational materials on the LED website. More Info