October 23, 2012 - Thanks to all the volunteers and DFG. The preliminary numbers suggest that we spawned over 1000 Kokanee producing approximately 500,000 eggs from Taylor Creek today.  This brings our 2012 total egg take number somewhere around 1.5 million.  In discussion, with Mike from DFG we believe this should complete the 2012 egg take effort. The weirs have been removed from the Little Truckee and Taylor Creek. If they determine the need to get more eggs we can get what’s needed from Taylor Creek without a problem. On behalf of all the Kokanee anglers, I would like to thank all the volunteers and the Department of Fish and Game employees that helped make this possible.

CIFFI would like to thank Rick Kennedy and Ed Fisk for spearheading this most worthy effort and all the volunteers for their tireless dedication.

See this very cool underwater video.

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